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How to Rent a Bucket Truck in Virginia

Many industries require the use of specialized equipment to perform their jobs. For instance, those working on power lines and in tree trimming often perform their work elevated many feet above the ground in "cherry pickers," or bucket trucks. It is common, especially in spring and fall, to see these trucks on neighborhood roads trimming overhead branches from electrical lines or working on restoring service to power lines after heavy storms. Often, it is more feasible to rent than to buy such trucks and equipment, especially as much of the work is seasonal and the large machinery is not easily stored. It is frequently more cost-effective to rent from a reliable company that has a fleet of such trucks ready to go.

For Bucket Truck Rental in Virginia, specifically versalift equipment rental or Versalift bucket truck rental, Power Line Rent E-Quip, or PLREI, is the only licensed dealer and distributor in Virginia. The company is partnered with Time Manufacturing Company in Waco, TX where two manufacturing facilities with over 300,000 square feet in total create a one-of-a-kind factory for production of this type of equipment.

Time Manufacturing Company monitors the quality of all of its products from the initial purchase of materials through final testing. This translates into state-of-the-art reliable equipment through Time's commitment to excellence and quality. PLREI then provides these utility vehicles and equipment to clients throughout Virginia.

PLREI can meet your needs with their selection of vehicles including forestry tree trucks, sign trucks, wire and cable hauling vehicles, pressure diggers, and an Aerial PLREI versalift bucket truck rental fleet. Their equipment is top notch and offered at competitive prices. Although their selection includes many makes of equipment, the true added value offered by this company is the Versalift lift which serves as an upgrade to the fleet of aerial bucket trucks for rent.

They will also provide service on all rented equipment. Rentals are offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Equipment is tested and inspected prior to rental. In addition to the rentals, they also sell utility vehicles as well as provide parts, service, and custom modification for a client's equipment. In addition to the manufacturing facility in Texas, they have a cutting edge repair facility to perform modifications and repairs, with technicians experienced in the areas of welding and body work.

This company offers nationwide rental with quick delivery of modern up-to-date equipment. Renting can save clients substantial money on maintenance and storage costs and provide the exact equipment needed. Their service department, in addition to the modifications and repairs mentioned above, keeps the equipment in top operating condition resulting in minimal down-time. In sum, they offer high-quality equipment at competitive pricing for customers across a variety of industries.